In August 2010 I was the first employee hired to work on a new Ruby on Rails/jQuery project at Bloomberg L.P. That’s all I can say about it right now, but a release is within sight.

As an independent contractor I’ve worked on the following websites:
  • Bible Gateway – Worked on an experimental new design and conversion from PHP to Rails
  • Neighborino – I built nearly all of the Ruby code. Check out the demo site to see a functional neighborhood HOA website.
As a partner at Sagebit I was a major part of developing the following sites:
  • A Small World – I led the multi-year project of converting the entire site from PHP to Rails
  • Timeperks – I built many features, including the ability of customer service reps to masquerade as users to troubleshoot issues.
  • Radio Bookmark – I wrote much of the data mining and screen scraping code which analyzes radio programming.
As a software engineer for the State of Indiana Legislative Services Agency I worked on:
  • Indiana RegistryXSLT coding and Google Search Appliance coding
  • An internal rails application that ran the legislative call center

I have worked on several other sites that are now part of the dustbin of internet history.

I am the author of many gems and plugins, including: I am working on a major update of the venerable Beast forum lineage into Rails 3.2: I am the maintainer of the following projects: I am a committer on the following projects: I contribute to the following projects: